My life as a novel

Reinvention is not just some abstract concept. It requires  forethought and action. At least, the way I see it. So, what to do is re-phrased into:

What do I want out of this reinvention?

My answer dictates my path. Enter the mundane and the real task: reworking a resume; researching new places of employment; adjusting to a redefinition of my perceived sense of self.

I have been on a vertical learning “curve” since September and as difficult as it has been at times, it has also reinvigorated my desire to take control of my career, myself and my goals. Oh my, this is beginning to get boring.


My life as a novel

Do you ever feel the need to reinvent yourself? Maybe I’m of an age that needs to experience change, fairly regularly (omg I hate “ly” words, yet informally, they are so enticing), or perhaps it’s just my personality. Either way, it’s that time again. It used to be every 3 to 4 years, but now I seem to have evolved for much longer before requiring, or being forced, into change. Don’t get me wrong. My life is very (hate that one, too) good, but it’s just not as good as it could be, and I’m something of a perfectionist if I know I have an audience. And by that I mean, for example, if I am home with my family my house is fine; if guests are coming over, you better believe there is a full cleaning and tidying splurge happening. I will not let it be said that I don’t keep a good house (and to think at one point in my life it was an effort to keep a one bedroom apartment).

But that’s another story. Ask me someday about the meaning of “Better Than It Was.” Reinvention. Right. Well, after a decade of teaching and having an impact on future generations, I find myself faced with the prospect of little work. What to do? Cry – yep. Get angry – yep. Be frustrated – yep. Cry again – yep. More anger – of course. More tears – absolutely. Do something – certainly.

Now. I. Am. Ready.

But what to do?